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Things You Should Never Ask an Escort

11 May 2015

If you booked an escort Paris for a meeting, keep in mind what an escort could already be heard, and there are some questions you just do not ask for a girl who works.

You don't look like an Escort...

Most of the companion actually do not go around dressed as an escort, the girls are quite normal. If you were to meet an escort outside of his work, he realizes that she is just like any other normal girl, she likes going out with his friends, is working in training or waiting to start a successful business,for this this questions is embarrassing.

Can I book for free ?

When was the last time you offered your employer or client an hour of your time? The escort work to earn a living for themselves and take the time and effort to make sure that you look good for your date. This means that you spend a lot to look good and dress well and those do not come cheap.

How many guys you Meet Today ?

Big or not your curiosity, this is really none of your business when it comes to dating your beautiful Escort. She is there to give her time to you and no one else. Everyone thinks about it but this information really help? Not to feel embarrassed and to feel inadequate and extremely uncomfortable with the girl, these problems have not really benefit anyone. Do you really want to know details not important or do you want to spend a pleasant encounter with a beautifull girl?


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